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IN Their EYES:

Maria Berg, artist, 2011

As far as Alexandra is concerned, I find it very difficult to talk about her in an objective manner, because I admit I like her drawings very much. Simply put, I enjoy watching, studying, discovering them, rejoicing in front of what I find, from construction lines to the slightest details of a drawing. Altough boldness is another common issue, which, in one way or another, represents each and all of us, regarding Alexandra, especially, it is shown in most fields, from social and even self critique, seen as a positive trait, to courageous and extremely generous initiatives, to explorations of certain, barely reachable human dimensions, where only a few would dare to venture, and even to fresh and unconventional approaches.

Alexandru Rădvan, artist, 2011

Alexandra seems tireless. She is in perpetual movement, driven by an authentic wish to know it all, from new people and places and new and diverse cultures, to the best image editing programs, masters of Hindi wisdom, etc. Ițm not sure if she doesn't know something about helicopters as well. Her mind is constantly working, refusing steadiness and, implicitly, demise in a single spot, in a single idea. She doesn't have unrevokable convictions, on the contrary, she's one of the people that think they always have something new to receive from the bond with others, in order to give back more. Like us, the other four, Alexandra is a hard rock, a person that chose to have no strings attached, a person whom you cannot impose and order.

David Șandor, sculptor, 2011

As far as Alexandra is concerned, one can notice her constant preoccupation for clarity. Clarity seen as thoroughness, correctness, almost an ethic of drawing. In this respect, when I look at her drawings, I have the impression that the technique dissolves the shape, the warmth of volume dissapears inside the straignt, sharp lines. The shapes seem to hide in full daylisght, while everyone is watching. A healthy dose of ambiguity is re-gained in her wire drawings, when she creates specific shapes, tridimensional volumes and she draws people that had a great impact upon her. So, clarity becomes warmth, and thoroughness doesn't skip it's regular importance. In a way, I can find myself in this way of drawing, because there was a time when I was working almost in the same manner, having the same goals.

Lea Rasovszky, artist, 2011

In a continuous process of self-improvement. Alexandra looks for the theory behind the visual and the theory behind facts, in general. Some of these principles become conclusions and, afterwards, drawing.

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