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Memories from Another Life

Alexandra Baciu suggests a different discourse on the relationship between man and woman, one that does not involve a supposed gender superiority, but entails a return to the archetypes, to the primordial. The project “Memories from another life” becomes an insight not only into the feminine universe, but also in Alexandra Baciu’s. Wu Di-Odalisk, Innuendo, Lakota - The Dreamcatcher, Without Adam, When it snows no more, Self portrait with a red earring, are works that construct and are constructed by the variables of femininity: innocence, bashfulness, curiosity, defiance, aspects of the soul and of womanhood.
Roxana Coman, Curator

Memories from another life is a project that needed a long time to take shape and it takes its essence from a colective memory of several generations of women, some of them real, some of them crossing the border of fantasy, from a time when myth was cultural identity.

Alexandra Baciu



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